Beauty & Skin Care Consultant Services

Beauty & Skin Care Consultant Services

The Beauty Biz is in my blood! I grew up at the “high” heels of my grandmother who was a high level manager with a very large and well-known, worldwide Cosmetics Company. My tiny play “office” was in her office from a small child to my teen age years when the play desk became a homework desk. I learned so many things in that office and being a model for her many company functions. When you grow up this way you learn true beauty comes from within and makeup is just a way of enhancing and bringing more of that beauty out.
I left my career in ophthalmology in 2009 to pursue the Beauty Business full-time as a Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  As an Advanced Color Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, I love what I do and I love helping women discover their true beauty and see themselves in a new light. You are important. You are beautiful.

Services I offer:
  • ·       Skin Care Consultant Services (Find out what skin care formula works best for YOUR skin type.)
  • ·       Foundation Matching Services (Did you know that over 90% of women are wearing the wrong foundation shade!?!)
  • ·       Makeup Application Instruction (Whether you are a beginner or want to learn more advanced techniques, I’m your girl.)
  • ·       Special Occasion Makeup Services (Let’s get you looking amazing for your special day!)
  • ·       Personal Attention & Customer Service (I carry the products I show. You can try anything before you buy should you choose to. Also, ever wish someone would remind you that you needed more toothpaste between you morning and evening brushing? I do that with your foundation and skin care. I check up on you ever so often to see how your products are working. By the way, you are NEVER stuck with anything you don’t love.)

Let’s Get Started
For more information or set up an appointment (I do individuals and groups), click HERE and click on the “Send Me A Message” TAB under my picture. You will hear from me or someone within my office within 24 hours. Don’t forget to leave your phone number!

Mary Kay Disclaimer
If you already have a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant who is currently servicing you, PLEASE, buy from her. I would not want anyone to take away any of my clients and I do not want to take away anyone’s else’s.

If you would like a local Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in your local area, go to and click on the Find an Independent Beauty Consultant  Tab (or just click here), enter your zip code, and a list of Consultants in your area will pop and YOU get to choose which one you would like to work with. 

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