Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Creamy Sunset (Plus Review on the NYX Avant Pop Palettes)

I know I've been using these NYX Avant Pop Palettes a lot BUT I just love them! These palettes have inspired me more than any other palettes I received in a while.
I love the idea of having 3 smaller palettes that work together at a more affordable price than having these huge, expensive palettes that can be a little overwhelming.
With the separate palettes, you can choose which ones you want or take
the time to collect all of them over time.
The thing I love MOST about them is the pigmentation and quality of the shadows. Price
is nothing if the quality is bad. NYX has hit the mark on these! They are super affordable and the quality is unbeatable. I would compare these shadows to my Lorac Pro shadows. I just love them and I recommend them to everyone.
Foundation & Primers: My Current Foundation Routine
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Base: Jordana Jumbo Eye Pencil in Continuous Almond
Avant Pop "Art Throb"

Avant Pop "Surreal My Heart"

Avant Pop "Nouveau Chic"

Upper Lid: Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black
Upper Waterline & Lower Waterline: LA Girl Semi Permanent Autoliner in Black
My bottom lids are tattooed Black.
Mascara: #1 Cover Girl "The Super Sizer" in Black #2 Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black

Bronzer: #1 NYC Bronzer in Sunny #2 Betty Lou Manizer by the Balm
Blush: #1 Mary Kay "Citrus Bloom" #2 Bobbi Brown "Coral"
Highlight: Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm

Liner: Jordana Easyliner Lip liner in Rose Crush
Lipstick: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Elude

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