Thursday, February 18, 2016

Iridescent Blue n Green

Foundation & Primers: My Current Foundation Routine
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Base: Jordana Jumbo Eye Pencil in Continuous Almond
Set with Sweet Cream by Mary Kay                  
Eyes on the 80's Palette by bh cosmetics
Crease: Hazelnut by Mary Kay
for the Lid, I started with the Outer V using Midnight Star by Mary Kay, then I worked in #2 (above) just inside of that, then I worked in #1 (above) to start bringing in the green more toward the center of the lid, and then I worked a bit of #3 (above) into the inner third of the lid, but not into the inner corner. I then went back into the crease with the same fluffy brush I used to start with in the crease to blend any edges out. 
Highlight Under Brow & Inner Corner: I just let the base shadows show through
Bottom Lid: Hazelnut, Midnight Star (outer corner), #1, #3 more toward the center

Upper Lid: Wet n' Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black
Upper Waterline: LA Girl Semi Permanent Autoliner in Black
Lower Waterline: I started out with Jordana Eternal White, but I then went in with LA Girl Semi Permanent Autoliner in Neon Blue
My bottom lids are tattooed Black.
Mascara: Cover Girl "The Super Sizer" in Black

Bronzer: #1 Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer in Rich Bronze
#2 Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in Light Medium
Blush: Cover Girl Tru Blend Blush in 305 Deep Mauve
Highlight: Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm

Liner: Mary Kay "Dusty Pink"
Lipstick: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Rosette

Lipgloss: None (Gasp!!)

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