Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update & It's Wedding Season!!

It's wedding season so it's time for me to go up and down the Interstate making brides feel even more beautiful on their special day. I've already traveled to Rhode Island for a wedding and am now back in North Carolina getting my kit re-organized and brushes cleaned for June's bridalathon of wedding makeup. I love this time of year!! 

So, you may have noticed that the Beauty Blog hasn't been updated in a couple of weeks. See above. I'll be switching the schedule up just a bit to accommodate the busier work and travel schedule. Look for new makeup looks every Thursday and feel free to dig through the archives ANYTIME!! There are hundreds of looks to try.

Also, you may have noticed my absence on YouTube lately. That's totally not my fault! I have been filming videos but my computer crashes every time I try to render them for upload. The part I needed has come in, however; and I'm hoping to have all that fixed by the weekend. (Fingers crossed!)

Let me know if there are any trends or looks you are interested in seeing. I love hearing from you!!

Have a great day, Gorgeous

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