Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Makeup For Beginners: Highlight & Contour (Video)

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Quick Tips on Highlighting & Contouring
Highlighting and contouring do not have to be scary or intimidating. They are all about know which types of product YOU prefer and then the rest is just knowing where to place them. This is what we are going to learn today. Quick quide: Bronzing—gives life and sunshine back to the face. When we use foundations, concealers, and powder we tend to even out the skin tone so bronzing helps up put color back in. Bronze were the sun naturally hits you—the top of the forehead (if you have a “small” forehead, you can skip this if you’d like), just below the cheekbones (hollows of the cheeks), and you can even dust a bit on your nose and chest. Contouring—creates shadows to change or enhance the dimension of your face. Use a more cool toned product (remember we are creating shadows so keep in mind the “color” of a shadow) and you can place in the same areas as your bronzer but a little more focused and sharp. You can also add some to you jawline to take a couple extra pounds off your chin! Take the powder straight down each side of the nose to straighten it. Add a line across the end of the nose (before the nostrils start) to shorten a long nose). It’s seriously free cosmetic surgery. Highlighting—Think of highlighting in the sense of “adding light.” Not in the sense of bringing attention to bad things. We want to bring light to the correct areas. (Contouring brings shadow/Highlighting Brings Light) Highlight goes on top of the cheek bones most traditionally. It can also be used above the brows (and just below the brows) and well as tip of the nose (SPARINGLY) and cupid’s bow (the little arch at the top of the lip). You can use cream or non shimmery highlights under the eye area or simply use a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation color in that area. Shimmery highlights are available in varying degrees so just try several different types and see which ones you prefer.

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