Friday, April 17, 2015

Makeup While Injured (or as I like to call it-The One Handed Makeup Challenge!)

On Easter Sunday of this year I woke up with a giant, swollen right wrist and hand. Later that week I learned I had a cyst on my bone that needed to be removed (did I mention it was very painful?). This past Monday I had the surgery and the doctor put me in a cast. I was not aware or prepared for this. All I know is that I had explained to the doctor at the time of my visit that I was a makeup artist and had LOTS of weddings and brides to work with in May and I needed my right hand. He said if we took care of it right away that I'd be ok within a couple of weeks. I'm now within that "couple" of weeks period and I'm going nuts! I feel very sorry for anyone who's had to wear a cast for 6 weeks. I've been in this thing 4 days and I'm going insane. It comes off on the 27th.

Today was the first day since my surgery that I put on a full face of makeup. Oh, how funny, not to mention painful, it was! If you are not used to using your left hand (or right if you're a lefty) and you're suddenly forced to use it for everything everyday, simple tasks because ridiculously difficult and seemingly impossible. This is especially true for doing your hair! Then there is makeup. That was one train wreck I don't wish upon anyone. When I was timidly putting on my blush with my left hand I thought, "This must be what people who never wear makeup feel like when they first try!" With my right hand, I have so much control and am so practiced at my craft it can sometimes seem like I'm doing it on autopilot without thinking. Not so much when I changed that one little thing-using my left hand. My eyebrows were laughable and we won't even talk about my eyeliner. But I did come up with something wearable.

Here's what I used: Mix of MK Matte & Luminous Wear Foundations, Maybelline FitMe Concealer, MK Facial Highlighting Pen, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. For my eyes I started with a natural colored base then used to Avon cream shadow in Frosting for some all over shimmer and life. (Remember, I'm pale and swollen right now!) Then I used the Lorac Unzipped Palette to add some life to the crease and more shimmer and pop to the lid and brow bone.
The eyeliner was a serious challenge! I used Jordana Eyeliner pencil in Espresso Last VERY SLOPPILY on the upper lid only (I had an eye exam later that day so I thought I'd keep those waterlines clear.) and then attempted to smudge them out as is my usual. It didn't go well. Enough said.
I used my LA Colors Naturale Blush as Bronzer and my MK Shy Blush as Blush. My lips were all pouty with the NYX Lipliner in EVER, my new Maybelline Lipstick in Untainted Spice (I've been looking for it stores for a month!), and my MK NouriShine Plus lipgloss in Au Naturale.

Well, I did the best that I could. Here's the Result!

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