Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Message from Callie & Me

Callie & I beg you to forgive us (I mean, look at that face!!), we have NEVER missed a Beauty Blog before but I have nothing to show you today! I'm so sorry! I had surgery on my Right Hand (which is my dominate hand) on Monday and before that I was in severe pain on my right hand so I haven't been able to work on makeup or blogs or anything. The doctor said I should be able to regain use in a few days but I will have a cast on for the next 2 weeks. I WILL have SOMETHING for you on Friday. I love you guys and I appreciate you always coming back 3 times EVERY week to check me out. Feel free to check out the blog archives today and check out some of the looks you may have missed. I'm taking a pain pill and heading back to bed. See you Friday!!!

This was my attempt at working Tuesday.
I'm not left handed but I learned how to "write" with it
quickly. (More like chicken scratch!)

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